Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cute and Cozy Christmas Cookie Can

Have you ever brought a plastic snowman plate of Christmas cookies covered in plastic to a party? Well we have before and it's not attractive.  Do you like pringles? I DO! they're so good! Anyways.... If you like pringles and if you have ever brought a plastic snowman plate of Christmas cookies covered in plastic wrap to a party, this easy Christmas cookie can is what you need.

You will need:

 Pringles can (empty) 

 12 X 12 Piece of scrapbook paper

10 inch piece of ribbon

Hot glue gun

Okay... On to how you put to get the Cookie can together.

First, Cut the scrapbook paper to it measures 10 1/2 X 12 (If you have off brand pringles it may be different. Do they even have off brand?) 
Second, put a line of hot glue from top to bottom and quickly press the 10 1/2 side of the paper to the can. make sure the paper lines up with the edges of the can.
Third, wrap the paper around the can and fasten with hot glue ( if this doesn't work, use clear tape)
Forth, glue the ribbon around the can and finish with a simple bow.

Easy? I think yes! Finish product = cute way to give Christmas cookies to friends ad family!

Oh and if your cookies are to big for a Pringle can than you can always use a oatmeal can.
Have fun crafty:)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter snow by Audrey Assad

This is such a pretty song! Do one thing for me, LISTEN TO IT!

Quilted Citrus Wristlet!

I really love Vera Bradley purses and what ever else they have! When ever I walk into a store where they sell Vera I get all excited. I guess it's the colors;) I'm weird. Anyways....One day I was going our pile of fabric scraps that were laying around and found  some really cute material so I decided I would try making my own quilted cosmetic thingamabob. I took a 9 x 11 piece of felt and sandwiched the felt in between two pieces of fabric that I talked about. Then I just quilted it by sewing lines parallel to each other.  After that, I sewed it in half, put a zipper on it and wha laaa... I had a cute cosmetic/whatever Wristlet. Well it was a little more difficult than that but since i don't have enough patience to explain every trial, I just not explain it. Maybe one day i'll put a tutorial or something up of it.  This was made for my gift exchange partner.  During the christmas season, Craftaholic Anonymous host a Christmas gift exchange. So this was made for my partner.  Hope you like it.

Autumn Rose Wreath

Our family's outdoor light fixture was looking a bit dull this fall so I took a ugly wreath and made it not quite as ugly. If you know how to make rosettes, then this is a great craft that will brighten up a ugly wreath in a flash. If you don't then i'll show you;)  

ugly wreath + three rosettes + three silk leafs + a few sticks of hot glue = beautiful fall decoration for your shabby light fixture.

Now if your wondering how I made the flowers on the wreath......

 click here Here to find the tutorial! 

Monogram Throw Pillow

A few months ago I decided I really wanted to make a really fun craft sort of thingamabob! So I went on to and found a tutorial for a super cute throw pillow. It's a fun craft because you can  personalize it and really get creative. The ruffle was little difficult but other than that is was a lot of fun.  You can find the full tutorial at the link below the photos!